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INTRODUCTION: Complimentary one hour consultation to see your home, determine your needs and get to know each other. 

START: Get ready to share a little about your self... what you love and why!  Consider this your "design survey" for us to learn about you and start building your style!

INSPIRATION: We will create and share your inspiration board via email to make sure we are headed in the right direction. Don't worry, we can modify anything you aren't in love with.

PRESENTATION: After compiling the best finishes and fixtures for your home, we will meet to review your home design. Spacial layouts will be presented as well, if applicable.

IMPLEMENTATION: If you'd like us to manage your project we will move on to the process of scheduling and directing the parties involved with your home remodel.

COMPLETION: Congratulations! Your space is complete and ready to enjoy! If you'd like additional services for styling or furnishings to complement your new space we can help! 

Process: About
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